Welcome to! I am Chad Wright, and I offer services that add flow, balance, joy, wellness, and an inner sense of connectedness to your life and the world around you.

As a young man I mistakenly felt very much separate and disconnected. I spent much of those early years seeking out answers to many of life’s deepest and most troubling questions. To those questions I found many answers, many pointers, and discovered ways that I could combine the compassion I had for others with the awareness I’d gained for my own growth.

And it is awareness, I have learned, that is the cure for all dis-ease. Through awareness I gained insight,and the one that has stood out the most is the motto I have used for my business and personal life: “Everything is connected”. And it follows that on the deepest level, everything is one.

The phrase “connective living” describes the perspective that everything is connected, which makes for a peaceful, inspiring, and love-filled life.

Come along with me and discover this profound truth about your essence and mindbody, and the essence and mindbody of life. Chance are, you will enjoy and benefit from some of the many ways I have discovered of doing this which include the following services:

  • Therapeutic “connective tissue” focused bodywork, massage, and connective living coaching for pain relief, posture improvement, stress relief, and personal growth
  • Connective living coaching for executives, athletes, performers, and anyone wanting to  have clarity and peace about a broad range of life issues
  • Personalized instruction on COR, a movement therapy and meditation technique, and other therapeutic exercises and modalities
  • Boxing lessons for fitness, confidence, personal safety, executive boxing, and competition
  • Inspiring Showdance and Latin dance performances and classes for parties, special events, weddings, and festivals; private partner lift lessons available
  • Connective business slogan writing and special words for special occasions
  • Much more to come including: Inspirational and healing presentations, workshops, videos, and literature.

Everything is connected!

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