Connective Therapy: The Whole Package

Through a lifetime of searching for answers to some of life’s deepest questions, I have developed the approach I call Connective Therapy. Some of those questions include:

  • What causes physical and emotional pain, and how we can transform it?
  • Where does the mind stop and the body begin?
  • What is the role of stress in illness and pain?
  • How can physical pain mostly caused from physical/structural trauma be addressed?
  • What is happiness, and how do we attract it to our lives?
  • What is “my” life mission?
  • And how can we have fulfilling relationships?


Connective therapy is a cutting edge bodywork and connective living coaching approach that treats the whole person from the inside out through gentle physical alignment, conscious breathing, fluid movement; and a commitment to a healthy, congruent, and “connected” life on the part of the client.

The bodywork aspect focuses primarily on identifying and releasing fascial or connective tissue restrictions throughout the entire body, whether it be in a muscle, an organ, a nerve, a lymph vessel, or any structure in the body. An individual treatment is as different as people are different, and one treatment with the same client may look entirely different than another. A therapist facilitating connective therapy is fully present with clients, tailoring to their needs as they happen based on time-proven techniques, the intuitive skills of the therapist, and the client-therapist agreement.

Connective Therapy is effective for a wide array of pain disorders, postural imbalances, and stress related issues and diagnoses that traditional therapies and medical approaches often do little to help. The ultimate goal of connective therapy is to connect us to our essence, thus creating the opportunity for a life of flow, wellness, fulfillment, and love.

Therapeutic Intensives

For clients ready to make a profound life transformation and/or who are dealing with serious chronic pain issues and/or mental and emotional imbalances and fixations, I do full day intensives that are a combination of therapeutic bodywork and connective living coaching, depending on your needs and goals. This is the essence of what I call connective therapy. People who have experienced one of these intensives often grow in ways that they did not imagine to be possible. For more details, contact me.

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