Connective Oppositional Release (COR)

Where does the mind end and the body begin, and why does that matter?

The first question has an answer that can be experienced through a felt sense. The second question matters because we humans suffer much because of the illusion of separateness from living with a mind inside a body, both of which are impermanent. So by intrinsically exploring the relationship between mind and body, it is possible to experience the deep understanding that everything is connected – including the physical pain and tension or physical holding patterns and dis-eases; postural imbalances; emotional struggles; mental chaos, confusion, and disorders and fixations of the mind; and the many opposites we live with every day.

It is through that felt sense and years of searching and observing the workings of many great teachings that I have discovered a way of working with the mindbody — the mind, body, and life force we are in form — that brings that awareness to our knowing. And through that awareness we can add a peace to our lives that we may have never thought possible.

The meditation element

Stillness is an important part of living with a mind in a body, as is movement. We cannot deny our nature to move. Many people find it difficult to meditate because of the opposing thoughts in their heads and the opposing emotions and tensions or pulls in their bodies. Many forms of stretching and movement therapy try to open physical areas that are closed, which can result in excessive and painful resistance and injury. COR gently and subtly gets to the very core of the many polarities we deal with, helping us find the stillness – that is our essence – in-between. And at the core in all of us is a desire to be listened to and understood. COR brings about that understanding and subsequent releasing.

What it is

Like all connective living approaches, COR starts from the perspective that everything is connected. It is not a magic wand. It is a very powerful practice of movement and meditation that works with the connective tissue called fascia; opposites of the mind, body, and emotions; and the breath to bring us to the state of peace that is at one with our essence.

What it does and who it can help

COR can decrease and transform physical pain and tension or holding patterns, normalizing neuromuscular tone; improving posture, balance, flexibility, and core and overall strength and awareness; bring balance to your emotions and their power over your life; decrease and transform fixations of the mind, bringing you to a place of connectedness and peace.

COR is helpful for athletes, dancers, performers, people who work, retired people, people of all ages, people with disabilities, people wanting to live in peace – pretty much everyone – because it addresses the most essential truths and needs that we all deal with beyond surviving.

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