Understanding and Applying Simple Ways to Find Your Way

Today I’d like to share some of the simple ways I view the array of situations I face as part of my personal practice, as well as my desire to help others who are searching for ways of experiencing freedom, joy, enthusiasm, confidence, balance, and peace. These ways are what Connective Living means to me.

There is a seps or separate self. Many people call this ego. I call it seps, because it more accurately describes what it is and what it does. When we see ourselves as separate from life, separate from others, we are completely identified with our mind or our seps. We live in fear because we feel alone and separate, and limited to the constructs of our minds, which are finite and burdened by the polarities of life – the ultimate one being the death of the separate self – the death of the mind and body.

But when we live from an interconnected perspective, we live from the perspective of our essence – we live from the middle. And the middle is peace. The middle is beyond fear – beyond life and death. When we see ourselves as being interconnected within ourselves and extending beyond the borders of our bodies to all eternity, then we are identified not with our minds, which are only a small and temporary part of us, but rather we are identified with our essence, which is boundless – limitless – and one with life.

When we view life in this way, we gain access to creative intelligence – and it is in this way that we are able to explore and experience our true genius. From this perspective, we are no longer a mind and a body. We are a Mindbody. And our mind is not only interconnected within itself and the physical body via our fascia, it is connected to the one mind of creative intelligence – the fascia of life. And our body is not only interconnected within itself and the mind, it is extended eternally to the farthest endless ends of the body of life. And both of them combined into human form merge into what is most essential about who we really are. With practice, we become powerful, free, confident, and peaceful, living courageously and creatively like the way a child lives before they are corrupted by the seps of adults’ limitations, except we are even more powerful because we are also simultaneously self – and beyond the self – aware.

When you begin accessing creative intelligence in this way, you begin to live in your unique genius, continuously discovering what makes you the unique snowflake or drop of water you are in the iceberg, ocean, or cloud of life, depending on which state you are currently in. And while you may do amazing things in the roles you play, you no longer mistake those roles for who you are. You recognize that you are the passion behind the roles.

Thinking about this is one thing. And it is from where we can start. Experiencing it through your courageous and faithful actions is quite another. The depth of this understanding is far beyond words. No words can precisely explain or describe the interconnectivity of life because that aspect of life is formless, and words are forms. Use words to point you in the direction of truth. But don’t mistake words or thoughts for truth. Understand your experience as truth.

I hope this post touched and inspired you in some way. I am excited to expand on these ways in future posts to continue my practice, and to contribute in some way to improving the quality of the life you’re living.

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