Give Your Attention to Can

Give your attention to can. Can’t doesn’t deserve your attention.

There is a right situation for you. Give that your attention. Practice seeing what isn’t there yet that would be beautiful to you as if it already was – and it will be.

That’s because your mind is a form, and whatever thoughts your mind forms exist as forms, and are felt through the form – or you could say inner shapes – of your emotions exactly like they were there before you – and – more importantly – within you. As they exist there, as a vibration, they exist elsewhere, and like attracts like.

This is the inner experience of creation. Strive to live every moment from this place, and you will live in ever-increasing peace and happiness. Give every moment your love and open curiosity. Every moment is equally worthy, and somehow the most challenging are your greatest teachers and pushes of momentum toward your highest self. Every moment could be your last in this form of continuation. Make this one count.

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